Regional network of independent accounting firms providing accounting, payroll, tax, audit and digital solutions with industry specialists for regional and local clients

The cooperation with RBP originated in an old professional relationship, they can help in connection with questions about Austrian accounting and especially about taxation.  The company supports their clients also in special fields, such as: in agriculture, or also in organisational structure transformation and in restructuring.

In order to serve you regional the experienced colleagues helf the business activity in Slovakia.

The team of Ashington Consulting has been supporting its clients since 2009 in the field of organisational finance. Our clients have different background and size, from the Hungarian owned medium-sized companies, over the management of large companies, to the foreign owner. They have significant reference in the field of M&A (complex projects, which includes the whole transaction, related subtasks e.g. due diligence, company valuation), moreover they have performed several successful projects in the field of corporate controlling, owner and management decision support, and reporting.

The purpose of the company is to acquaint the Hungarian micro-, small-, and medium-sized companies with the effective energy consumption. They offer their advisory service in connection with energy efficiency alike for their personal, corporate and governmental, institution clients. In the course of advisory, besides realizing the aims at energy conservation, they attend to achieve them based on price/value; they support their suggestions with economical calculation, and also work out a proper form of financing to the energy efficiency package.

The Bon-Port Kft. tries to help to the economic participants with an approach which is less widespread in Hungary. The main profile of the Company is to provide Interim services in the financial and accounting fields.

Audittrust is an independent service institute focused on growing and strengthening the professional practices of accounting, business and legal advisory firms by providing contacts and resources at an international level to service their existing and potential clients.

Audittrust renders its services only to accounting, business and legal advisory firms having successfully passed the audittrust validation of their technical competence, trustworthiness and reliability and does not deliver any services to clients of such firms.

GREEN BRANDS awards – in international cooperation with independent institutions and companies in the environmental/climate protection and sustainability sector – ecologically sustainable brands (companies / products / service providers / food / associations) and awards the GREEN BRAND Quality Seal.

GREEN BRANDS thus honours the brands’ commitment to climate conservation, sustainability and ecological responsibility in a unique way.

From 2023, Molnár&Partners Business Solutions Kft. belongs to the AGN network, a leading global association of independent firms. It includes about $1.6 billion in revenue, 12,000 people and 570 offices in 80 countries, of which we are now a member.

We are committed to serving our foreign clients to the highest standards, so we support them by sharing knowledge and international experience.