Interim management services

INTERIM services

The interim service means the performance of specific managerial tasks for a limited period of time. The main profile of our company is to provide support in the areas of finance, accounting and taxation with the help of independent, experienced professionals. Companies that employ an interim manager get in one person: an operational manager, who takes care of the day-to-day coordination; a consultant, who reviews the current situation and then determines new directions; a change manager, who initiates, implements and monitors the necessary changes; and the knowledge of an entire organisation.


The Interim Manager is an immediate and effective solution when there is no local management resource available for a specific, well-defined management task at a given time. He immediately takes operational control, thinks strategically and brings know-how.

  • Gap" management, i.e. filling in unexpected management gaps that can be identified in time. It is primarily needed in cases where there is no manager within the company with the expertise to deal with an unexpected incident. In this case, an interim manager with the necessary experience and expertise is the best solution.
  • Project management, including results- and efficiency-enhancing projects. It is a well-defined management task, both in terms of time and objectives, be it efficiency improvement, entry into a new export market, launch of a new product range, comprehensive organisational restructuring, introduction of a production performance evaluation system and its visualisation, logistics reorganisation, etc.
  • Change management or in other words crisis or turn-around management. An area requiring professional, decisive, strong and rapid management action. In all cases, it brings significant improvement of efficiency.

Benefits of an Interim Manager

Interim management is not your average business solution, it is a value-added servie.

Speed. An interim manager realises value for the company faster. Their deployment is not preceded by a lengthy selection and training process, as they know the field, quickly see through the situation and fits in, adding value from day one.

Professionalism. In all cases, interim managers are highly knowledgeable, experienced and skilled leaders, qualified for the position. They can bring in such knowledge and experience that the company lacks, such as specific skills or problem solving.

Efficiency. The interim manager has executive-level decision-making power, so they can bring real change to the company, train their staff, and ensure that the interim project remains successful after their departure.

Commitment. Interim managers do a high quality, professional job, not only because of their managerial background, but also because their future interim assignments depend on their successful, professional work.


The service is recommended to clients who do not need full-time professionals or are in a situation where they would like to use it for a limited period of time.


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