Legal services


The founders of the Molnár & Partners Group have been providing value-added services to their clients in the fields of finance, law, taxation and accounting for 25 years. Our legal services are available to our clients in various areas of law. Our Győr office represents and advises clients in the fields of labour law, civil law, data protection law, company establishment.


In the field of labour law, our client base means that we represent mostly the employers' interests. We are also available for domestic and cross-border legal issues for our clients' employees. Our staff can draft employment contracts for new entrants in several languages, and can help you solve problems related to collective labour law, collective redundancies, employment and settlement in Hungary, employer succession, and foreign assignments, in addition to termination-related tasks.


Our team has extensive professional experience in designing, building and running a business' legal operations, as well as in effectively solving legal problems that arise in the course of business operations. Accordingly, our legal services cover our clients' operations from the first step of company establishment to the end of operations. Our staff are highly experienced in designing structures that take into account taxation, asset preservation, sale of business and succession issues. In addition, our staff has a wide range of expertise in company transformations, supporting the work of the professionals involved (accountants, auditors) and planning and managing entire transformation processes.