ESG services

GAP analysis, scorecard - identification of the regulations that apply to the company concerned. Assessment of existing regulations, evaluation of data flows. Identification of system elements. Assessment of the needs and priorities of the company's stakeholders in the ESG area.

Support ESG strategy, action plan and implementation - develop ESG strategy to meet the needs of the organisation and its stakeholders, integrate it into the corporate strategy, define processes and data collection, define reporting frameworks.

Process organisation, regulation - drafting policies, process specifications, related process organisation proposals, techniques.

Project management - planning and management of the timing of data collection and project management tasks to meet regulatory deadlines, validation of results.

ESG compliance monitoring and reporting, audit

Monitoring and tracking of ESG strategy implementation, data analysis, analysis of identified ESG compliance conditions in collaboration with specialists in the areas of environmental management, quality management, occupational safety and health, CSR, legal and business continuity.

Data collection and reporting

Preparation and reporting of LKSG, S-assessment, carbon footprint, supplier and other reports, etc.

Other tasks

Customer audits, staff training including senior management, customer support in preparation of regulatory audits, handling of non-compliances, assisting in reporting and disclosure of ESG risk exposure information to supervisory authority


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